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  1. Yasss Kelsey!! I can already tell I’m going to love reading your blog just as much as I enjoy your Instagram content!

    You are so unashamedly you and I think that’s the best thing any of us can be ??

    1. Thank you so much Emily, it means a lot to me that you took the time to let me know what.
      Honestly, I wish I had made a blog SO much sooner!

  2. Hey Kelsey, This is really a stunning post. I agree with Kelsey that if you want to increase the followers then the secret is to post the killer content. Content should be such that after posting it become viral in a couple of hours.

    Most bloggers recommend posting consistently. in doing so, most people forget about the quality of the content. But Kelsey I appreciate you for including Quality over Quantity Point. Take some time but never compromise over Quality.

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    Hashtags increase the visibility of content. The more you’ll add hashtags, the more your content would be visible. You said to add 30 hashtags in a post but some people cannot add more than 5 because they have no idea what to add next. So, I’ll recommend them to use hashtagify to generate creative hashtags,

    Loop giveaways is a new tip that I have learned from this post. I really enjoyed reading your post and I like your writing style. I really appreciate your effort to pick words beautifully. I hope others would enjoy too.

  3. This was an amazing read Kelsey and I applaud you for being so real and honest!! I hope loads of bloggers/influencers read this and take note. X

  4. Hey Kelsey. I am totally i love with this blog. Your method of explaining the whole thing in this piece of writing is genuinely
    good, every one be capable of easily understand it and definitely going to try the above mentioned tips to increase followers of my personal Instagram account. Thanks a lot.

  5. Thank you so much Kelsey, I found your page through Bugo story and i have been hooked. Definitely going to try out some of these tips.

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