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  1. Honesty the tip about wiping lens is life changing haha . I’ve only discovered it recently and it made huge difference.

    Lovely post!

  2. Thank you for sharing, love your reels. What app do you use to put your text over your reels? I’ve noticed you do not use the standard Instagram text.

  3. Hi – thanks so much for all this. I have two basic questions but I tend to spend way to much time doing this…. How do you get the videos and images from your phone to Adobe Rush on your computer? I have an iPhone but a Microsoft computer and I find the cloud is also sooo slow and then I have to download to my computer and then save in folders and upload into my video editing platform. Any tips? Also, how do you store all your content on your phone? Like do you have an archiving process so that you download all the content on your phone to hard drive? As you know, shooting in 4K takes so much more space so I find my space filling up so much faster. Any suggestions would be super helpful?

    1. I aidrop all my videos from my iPhone to my iMac or MacBook, it doesn’t take long as I don’t use iCloud so the videos don’t have to download. I then sort them into folders on an external harddrive. To make them easier to find I sort by destination (travel) or by years & months.

  4. Okay this has been so extremely helpful!! My only question now is how do you post reels that don’t get compressed by Instagram?? Mine compress so bad even with changing the settings in Instagram. I have not been able to fix that! My videos look great, and then I post and they look awful:( btw I’m loving your reels! They are so stunning!

    1. Thanks so much! Do you film & export your videos as 4k? What app do you use to edit your reels?

      I’ve never had an issue with my videos being compressed. If you can provide some more info hopefully I can help 🙂

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