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  1. Love this guide Kelsey! As an Aussie, I went through all this crap and I’m so glad you mention that part about getting a bank account because that was the biggest pain in the butt!!! Glad you’re sharing your experience and being real about it girl xx

    1. Thank you Kaylie! The aussies in London group helped me so much when I first moved here. I’m glad I avoided the whole visa /BRP drama but getting a bank account was a real fuck around. Hope you’re loving London now as much as I am. xx

    1. so glad you think so Victoria! I definitely think there could be a part 2 in this series as there is so much to cover!

  2. I love love love this guide! I’ve been considering moving and it’s been between California and London (2 opposites lol). But this helps me more with coming up with a decision. I’m visiting London next month to help me think more about it. Thanks for this

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